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About Us

Who We Are

TAKT Global Solutions, is a Small, Service-Disabled, Minority Owned, Consulting & Engineering firm narrowly focused on the Mission and Cyber Assurance of our Client's business and enterprise.

What We Do

We provide niche IT Capability Development and Delivery as Force Multipliers and Mission Enablers in the Cyber Security and Enterprise IT Domains. This includes the Scientific and Operations Research and Analysis through Architecture Development, Technology Insertion/Extraction/Adoption at the Research, Development, & Engineering (RD&E) and Scientific and Technology (S&T) of the Development Lifecycle. WE DELIVER VALUE in the Federal, DOD, and Commercial IT Markets! 

Our Value Proposition

Mission Adoption, Mission Familiarity, Technical Know-How, and Best of Breed People, at Lower Costs! Our Overhead & G&A is virtually non-existent, allowing us to be more aligned and narrowly focused on delivery of Value-Added Services. 


Cyber Mission Assurance

Our goal at TGS is to enhance the protection and resilience of critical assets and capabilities, working to eliminate risk and allowing for the development, integration, and synchronization vulnerability and risk throughout the operational environment and enterprise. 

Operations Research & Capabilities Development

Maintaining competitive advantage in the Cyber Security & War-fighting Domains is about the ability to rapidly produce, insert, or extract capabilities that either enables a mission or denies that of an adversary. At TGS, we understand the mission through our use of Operations Research Analysis and leveraging of Architecture Development Principles. Through that lense, and our familiarity with the Acquisition and Technology Development Lifecycle, we help Innovate from Concept to Deployment!

Enterprise IT & Security

We understand that one of the biggest challenges the Global IT Enterprise faces is Information Assurance Deniability. Our Enterprise Services and Solutions are naturally fused with Security baked into them. So whether administering Desk-Top support or conducting RDT&E , TGS continues to work diligently to assure services and continuity of operations for continued delivery and execution of Persistent Information Operations.

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Takt Global Solutions, LLC

9103 Woodmore Center Dr, Lanham, Maryland 20706, United States

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